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Friday, July 10, 2009

Ok, this kicks all sorts of bootie!!!

It's finally summer here in the Upper Penninsula of Mi. It take awhile but by golly, it's here...for the time being. We'll see what next week brings. Who knows, it may snow!!!! Anyways, the Farmer's Market downtown is going strong & each week more & more goods are showing up...which pretty much = one happy gal!!!! I'll have some recipes coming up with some of the yummalicious treats I scored while there.

But this post I wanted to tell you about a new Farm Stand I went to today. Now let me tell you this....it kicked all sorts of bootie!! Ken had told me about it last week on one of his trucking adventures. It's right outside of town so it's not far at all. We Yoopers measure distance in minutes...so roughly 7 minutes out of town, give or take. Holy bean bags!! I thought I was going there to get some blueberries & maybe a watermelon. Lemme tell you, this stand was stocked with fabulous goodies & I took it upon myself to stock up. Oh, almost forgot to mention...the prices were out-freaking-standing. Where else can you buy 2 pineapples for 5 buckaroos? Well besides Mexico. Ok, so back to what I got...here's a picture & a list...cuz I know you wanna know ;) ps...I am fully aware that my kitchen needs an update...but c'mon, that yellow counter-top rocks...you know it does.

1/2lb garlic which was 2 heads

3 1/2lb pickling cukes

1 papaya (never had real papaya...just flavored drinks)

3 1/2lb pears which was 9 fruits

2pts of blueberries

1 1/2lb sweet cherries

2 green peppers

3 kiwi

2 big cukes

2lb bananas & then the gal GAVE me 8lb FREE because they had a couple tiny brown spots. Chloe (the tortoise ) is going to be one happy reptile =) Then I'm pretty sure we'll have banana bread, muffins, pancakes up the ying yang for awhile...which totally rocks my sox!!! (p.s. I do the sox thing on purpose...it's for my Red Sox...heeehee)

An 8lb seedless watermelon

2 pineapples

4 zucchini's

6 lemons

a honeydew melon

5 limes

3 1/2lbs tomatoes (ours are not ripe yet so this will tide us over)

6 Granny Smith Apples

6 Golden Delicious Apples

10 ears of corn

3 1/2lbs baby reds

Whew...that's a lot of stuff eh!!! All for a very reasonable price mind you!! What will I do with all this in our household of 2 you might wonder??? Pickles, jams, waffles, breads, salsa, stewed tomatoes, juice, pie or tort, muffins, roasting, grilling, smoothies & canning are in this gals very near future!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Walk In My Garden

The front garden is in full bloom!! I just had to share some pics.

"Angel Eye" spider warts scattered throughout the garden in memory of our babies Angel & Alex
An assortment of Asiatic Lilies...

Tiger Lily's....

and more Asiatic Lily's

I know for me working in my gardens is my therapy, my calm & brings me inner peace.