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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hat & Purse

Last night insomnia took over my body so we stayed up till the wee hours of the morning. During the movie Phantom Of The Opera I made this:

It was a simple download from http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=1682149 I am sooo clueless as to how to insert the linky link. It never works for me. But this person has some seriously fantabulastical projects!!! One of which I downloaded a few minutes ago!!!
Ok, so I was outside shoveling yet MORE snow & Ken hollered my name so dork head me looked up. This picture is soooo not cool & I look like a dufass...with a fun hat. So I have that going for me =)

Last night I also crocheted up this fun lil purse in pink & brown. Now, I'm not much on pink but I do like this color combination & can't wait to use it!!!

I've received numerous emails & comments asking if I sell these crocheted gadgets I make. I have in the past & have had some great transactions with people & had a very bad transaction with an individual who wanted to sell my handmade jewelry...so I made what she needed, and gave it to her...but she never paid me. So, I am looking into ways such as an Etsy store to make these things available if one is interested. I'm in the research part of this & haven't set anything up. If you are interested in anything or have any questions please, don't hesitate to email me at kmw2524@yahoo.com. Have a jazzy Sunday!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm a hooker!!

I'm definitely a hooker...and there's nothing that I enjoy more than being a hooker...a crochet hooker that is!!!

I finished up another lil lady sweater this evening. This one is going to go to my ultra adorable niece for her 2nd birthday. I hope she likes it & I hope I can wait until April to give it to her!! I'm not one for waiting however....

Ok, I'm off to my craft room to gather the yarns needed for my next project(s). No hints either...it's for a birthday gift....have I ever mentioned how much I love yarn!!!!! =)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Green Bay!!!!

We went to Green Bay today to turn our truck in & decided to make a lil fun day out of it...My lil brother JJ rode in the pickup with me & Kenster was in his semi on the way down. Anytootles, after we dropped the semi off we drove around town trying to figure out where to eat. We already knew Cold Stone Creamery was a MUST but we needed to be adult-ish & eat something besides that.

On our drive around we went by Ken & My 2nd apartment we shared together. We lived in Green Bay for a whole 6 months & never once took a picture of our apartment. Below is what was our apartment window....
Very close was a kick but store...Barnes & Noble & sir Ken let me go in!! I picked up 3 fabulous books. One on crocheting, 'The Friday Night Knitting Club' & 'Eat, Pray, Love' Ohhh how I love books!!! Then we went next door to the Circuit City that was going out of business to see if Mr gadget head Ken could find anything.
THEN we rode around some more & decided to go to Lambeau Field to get some 'eats' and take a lil tour of the place.

JJ took a pic of Ken & I in front of the Vince Lombardi statue

And next to Vince was Curly Lambeau.....

Vince creeped me out a tad....no matter what angle you look at his face his eyeballs are looking at you!!! Much like the picture of Jesus my family has!! CREEPY!!!

As we made our way in Ken got all stoked. He's one hard core Packer fan....

We stepped in the doors & looked all around. Below you can see Ken in awe. He mentioned he got the chills. Like I said, he's hard core about his Packers.

Banners of past Super Bowl Championships hang on the ceiling.

The ambiance was awesome and ken's reactions were the best!! JJ also was taking it all in.

After we finished dilly dallying around taking pictures of every nook and crannie we took the escalator up to Curly's Pub for some yummers.

Yup, even a picture of the napkin was taken. We were in Lambeau Field folks & that's a BIG deal!!!

The food was outstanding!!

And like I mentioned before...COLD STONE CREAMERY!!!!! You know the saying "there's always room for Jello?" Well for us oikers "There's always room for ice cream!!!"

Ken making faces with his banana & cake batter ice cream...
And JJ being a goon with his chocolate & peanut butter...
And me with my Cake batter & Sweet cream....I DON"T do sissy sized amounts when it comes to ice cream!!!! Especially Cold Stone!!!
Ken drove half of the way home & we pulled over in Menominee, MI to let JJ drive the last hour. Seems like just yesterday he was a lil twerp. Well, he's still a twerp...but not so little!!
We turned the kinda sad event of turning in our truck into one heck of a fantastical day!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What The....DUCK????

And people give US odd looks when they see that we take 5 dogs with us on our trucking adventures....check this guy out!!!! And no, family...you don't have to worry about me getting one any time soon...we have a far too small yard ;)


The sweater

It's finished!!! Well there may be some alterations in store but I finished this lil girls sweater last week!! The pattern was in one of my friend's pattern books. We had the lil lady with us she saw it & said and I quote "that's adorable" so naturally I HAD to make it for her. The arms seem long for a 4T though so we'll try it on her & make adjustments if needed.

I'm working on another sweater of this style in different colors for a couple very special little nieces. Then I'm on to working on a variety of other crocheted crafties!! Hope everybody is having a great weekend & a very Happy Daytona 500 to the race fans out there!!!!


From our viewpoint

Yay!!! Happy Daytona 500 folks!!! For me the Daytona 500 means roots for on my butt & I plant them firmly on the recliner!! I should probably be cleaning or doing something else but today is the day I count down to from the last race of the previous season. It's a long 3 months for me with no racing. So today is quite the celebration!!

I uploaded some pics of out last trucking adventure. As always, the mountains kick all sorts of butt for me & it's where I am at peace. We traveled through the devastation in KY from the recent ice storms. We have never seen so many electric service trucks in one place...EVER!!! Trees were still strewn about peoples yards, on roofs, on the road & on a couple occasions we rode over power downed power lines. Ya know, you see these things on the news but it's nothing until you see it with your own eyes that it really sinks in.

You'll see a picture of a bridge....let me just say it sucked some serious butt!! Even worse when this lil two lane bridge that spans the mighty Mississippi has two semis on it that meet up going the opposite direction!! I don't think I will ever obtain a non potty mouth as all sorts of random filth spewed from my lips as the semi coming toward us was a q-tips length away! Ok, maybe it was a bit more than a q-tip length away...but it sure as hell felt that close!!!

We've seen some pretty awesome things on our trucking adventures...and I don't take a minute of it for granted!!! Our next adventures will be from another truck...as we say goodbye to our Kenworth & buy a new one. She sure was nice though & provided us many miles of sight seeing adventures.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In A Nutshell

Holy Beans!!! I go quite a bit of time without posting these days!!! So much has been going on as usual & I've been a truckin chiclet with my hubby. There's been some big decisions going on & some health crap. Other than that life's been fabulous!! Actually even those lil things it's still been a great adventure!!!

We've been going to North Carolina & South Carolina these past couple weeks. While in KY we saw a Sonny's BBQ & just HAD to try it out!! Oh my heckles!!! This northern gal could turn southern fairly quickly!! I'd be the size of a jet puffed marshmallow if I lived there though...those folks know how to cook!!! And I like to eat!!! The following day while in NC on a layover we couldn't help but notice the Sonny's across the road....yup, totally had to go & oink till we couldn't oink anymore!!! Man, life was so much easier when I was a fussy eater!!! During that meal I started to have a MM attack & the world was spinning. So uncool when that happens when we're in public. For the most part people will not see me on those days.

Anyways, after we ate Ken told me if I hurried up he would take me to Michael's (the mother of all craft stores) to get some yarn for a project. Oh, and I totally have to post about the sweater I finished this past week!! Oh, my, so much to talk about!! Anyfartles, I found my yarn in a jiffy pop & Ken found an end rack of pattern books. I was rather shocked he was looking at them. Now folks, picking out yarn takes me awhile...I LUV the stuff!! He showed me this pattern book & said I should get it so he bought it for me. Let me tell you folks...this book has some seriously kick arse patterns that I'm totally gonna crochet up!!! Oh, one might be wondering how the knitting thing is coming along...well it's not. I can do it but it takes forever. And face it, I'm a crocheter and to put down my beloved hook for those yummy needles I feel like I am just not doing those loyal crochet hooks any favors. Crocheting is my vice. Well that & ice cream. So, for the time being I am back to crocheting up a storm.

Now for the most part I don't talk about my Meniere's with very many. Just a few really know. I'm pretty much an open book when asked about things but for some reason with my MM crappolla I don't just blurt it all out & share it. I know a few people who find it necessary to divulge every stinkan thing about their health business and it really wears me down. By wasting so much time talking about your health woes you are totally missing out on so many adventures. And face it, people don't want to hear about all those ramifications. Anyways, I know I have some family that reads this & I really don't feel the need to sit down & discuss all the details of my MM. But I will say, it's been being a real wank in my butt!! For the past two weeks it's been up & down & my ears are driving me batty! One minute I can hear just fine & the next it's horrible. Bless Ken's heart for handling all this. I know I'm no walk in the park. Frankly it scares the flips out of me when I'm spinning out of my gourd & when my hearing goes all nutso. On bad days I wear hearing aids & am getting new ones in a couple weeks...and I don't think many people know that...not that it really matters anyways. But that's been a fact since I was 26. For some reason it bugs the farts out of me...and I don't know why. So don't take it personally if I don't discuss this with you. I guess I don't find it necessary to expose one's faults...and that's one of mine. I try not to let MM bug me but I know what is usually the end result with MM...but I know I will get through it. I have you fabulous people in my life.

So, today is Valentine's Day & folks, I have one awesome hubby!!! No joke!! He knows the way to my heart!! Today he came home from getting an oil change on the pickup & he handed me a bag...The first two Twilight books and some way yumalicious Saklly's toffee squares!! We got ourselves ready & went out for dinner & then mozied to Walmart & bought a meat smoker thing. That southern cooking sucked us in! Now hopefully we don't have the fire department at our house tomorrow as we are smoking pork roast & chicken boobies & smothering them with Sonny's Sweet BBQ sauce!!!! YUM!!!

On Monday we will be going to Green Bay to turn our semi in & also getting a different one. The good ole economy cranked out some ugly stuff to the truckers & we feel it's in our business' best interest to get rid of the big truck pmt & downsize to a different semi...with a much cheaper pmt. So, good news is...we're still able to afford being Owner Operators & the next truck is all ready set up for the microwave so there will be more healthy meals prepared at home to take with!! That has the potential of creating slimmer versions of Kaffy & Kennif!!! =)

So, that's it in a nutshell. I have oodles of pics to upload & some chocolates to eat now!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Road Trip!!

We just got back from a kinda long road trip. This run took us to New Jersey, then to South Carolina, Indiana, Wisconsin & then finally in Upper MI....HOME!!! It was an eventful 5 days but so awesome! I sooo never take these days on the road for granted. It's like we are paid tourists.

So let me tell you about this trip we had...well even before we left & got word that we'd be heading out to NJ, Bon Jovi songs ran through my head. Ken mentioned we'd be going thru Philadelphia & immediately some Boys Two Men songs invaded my brain. Funny how songs bring us to a certain place.

Armed with a bag of yarn, a slew of books, my Ipod I was set to go!! Thank goodness for the Ipod!! Ken listens to some super lame-o talk shows. I still to this day freak out while going over the Mackinac Bridge! Seriously folks!! It sucks some serious butt!! With being in a semi we have to be in the outside lane...oh and go 20mph!! Do you know flippen long it takes us to get over that beast at that speed!!! Ugh! It really stresses me out & tests my courage...not to mention my bladder & colon! I know, perhaps TMI but for real...it scares me that bad!!

Once we got into Lower MI I was able to do some reading & relax a bit. We slept in Ohio that night & got up early & were in PA by the afternoon. I had some situations with the mountains with the whole MM thing. But my eyes were diggin the scenery so it was all good & dandy. Oh how I wish we lived where there were mountains!! When we went through Philly I was like a tourist...or perhaps just a crazy lady sticking her head out the window to take pictures. Ken kept telling me to get back in, we don't know what type of neighborhood we're in. Eventually my eyeballs felt like they were frozen & I had to shut the window. We entered Jersey & once again, picture taking was going on. We delivered & set out on to pick up our reload.

Our reload place was in Bayonne, NJ. We found the location on the map & holy bean bags!! It was exceptionally close to NYC, and Lady Liberty! That pretty much stoked my universe & made Ken's guts do a tilt a whirl. I had hoped so hard that we'd see NYC or Lady Liberty. Ken was insistent that we'd see ships and that's about it. Well folks!!! As we were coming into Bayonne we saw it.....the NYC skyline!! Holy beans!!! I got all teary eyed & all that girly jazz & yup, camera was going non stop! That's when Ken hollered something. He was so excited I had no clue what he said & if it was a good thing or a bad thing. He was pointing in the NYC skyline...or so I thought. My eyes danced around, taking it all in. He finally said "Holy SH$* Kathy!! It's the Statue OF Liberty right in between those two big buildings!!" Ok, so now my eyeballs are going all over the place..."what TWO buildings!!" "The ones over there, by the harbor" he says all excited. Ok, BIG buildings...NYC skyline....IT"S ALLLL BIG!!! I could see a copper topped building but no sign of Lady Liberty. Ken pointed int the area I needed to be looking so I took pics, hoping I'd see Her in the pics I was taking. Well let's just say I have a lot of sky pics. Then I saw it!!!! I saw HER!!!!! Got all teary & said some colorful words in amazement!! Now, we were across the river & there were buildings in front of us so there was some distance...but She was still huge!!! Oh, how it rocked my World!!! Then as we backed in the dock I couldn't stop looking out the front window...NYC skyline, Lady Liberty...right in front of my face!!! How neato indeedio!!! It took them forever to load us up so I didn't get any more pics of the city skyline but we watched the sunset on those awesome buildings. The Empire State Building was all lit up. We couldn't help but to think of the events of 911 and two very large buildings were missing...it was a bitter sweet moment....as we drove away & watched the city disappear as we made our way south.

Our delivery location was in South Carolina. Now that was awesome! Actually I think traveling is awesome & it had been awhile since we've been there. The thrill of racing feed my blood when we're down there!! If you know what Mooresville, NC means to the racing community you'll know EXACTLY why I get all stoked as we drive through!!! There's some honkan huge homes...much of which may just be NASCAR drivers homes. Just being this close to the tracks of the sport I love so much rocks my bones!!

We made our way back to Indy & then WI & finally HOME after 5 days of hitting the pavement. It's been quite a journey...Seeing NYC was our last big United States city we had left to see. We've made our way through San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Dover, Vegas & every major US big city in between. What an adventure it's been! I know we've only dotted our wunnaful country but have seen soooo much...and for that I'm grateful!!!

Some Pics

I know these are not the best quality pics AT ALL but had to share em =)