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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Suicide Mud Plunge 2011

Our team "The Flying Feathers" participated in the first Mud Plunge last Saturday in Ishpeming, MI. It was a 5k run in mud pits with 6 different obstacles. I totally knew it was going to rock all sorts of butt when we signed up. This gal right here LOVES getting dirty!!

This is my Anytime Fitness family. Joining the gym last November was one of THE most rewarding things we have ever done. It's brought us closer, met new friends, not to mention the crazy amount of benefits it has done to our bodies. Have you seen my Ken lately??? Check out those guns!! Yum Ok, back to the race....

We ran through fields, the forest, muddy roads, over hurdles made of logs, through a rope spiderweb, through tires, climbed a 10ft wall, crawled on our tummies through a fantastic mud pit, stood in front of firehoses to rinse off.....ohhh I'm tellin ya, it. was. AWESOME!!! I was so completely terrified of the darn climbing wall. Remember, I can trip on my own shadow and my balance is super wonky. But I DID IT!!!!! CHAAAACHING!!!

Not only was it fun, but mud is good for your skin!! And who doesn't fancy a muddy hunky hubby...and firemen spraying you off with hoses. Man, that water was FREEZING!!!

Can't wait till next years event!! You can bet your buns we will be back!!!

Team Flying Feathers: Derek & Shelli, Kathy & Ken

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm back =)

Summer will soon be turning into Autum here in the good ole Yoop. I am looking forward to the change in season. This summer was riddled with some pretty tough events. Events that kinda sorta stole my writing mojo.

On Father's day morning I was doing my hair and makeup in the bathroom. The phone rang and it was my cousin talking to Ken. I hear Ken say "no way, are you kidding, what???" Ken then proceeds to tell me that my cousin, the one next door hung himself that morning! That affected me big time & at times I still think about it. He was a troubled guy, involved in some not too swell stuff. But, he was a human, he had a heart, 5 kids...a family. Truth is, when he moved in next door we both realized we were cousins. We would have minimal conversations, I guess it was going ok. Then the fighting, cops there a few times a week, the staring, them telling me when I could let my dogs in my yard....basicly, our friendly chit chat, or any chit chat for that matter ceased. Oftentimes, I wanted to talk to him, like, sit him down and talk to him, try to help him straighten his life out. The other part of me was terrified to do so...So, I never did. I kept my distance...and he died...next door, about 3 feet from my home. I can't even imagine how his Mom, sisters, girlfriend...family felt. I was not able to bring myself to go to the funeral.

For weeks I had terrifying nighmares. Not the "oh, well that was spooky" type dreams. These were full fledged nightmares. Like the ones I had after my parents died. I spent a good few weeks on the road with my hubby because the thought of being home alone at night made my skin crawl.

I ran races, went camping with friends and the hunky hubby, immersed myself in books, wrote daily, cried, worked in the garden, changed the living room around by myself, cooked enourmous amounts of foods and crocheted. I was on a search for the old Kathy. A Kathy that was somehow lost early this summer....Well folks....I am back!! Totally ready to share all sorts of fantabulastical things!!! =)