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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday Week 2

Today is Thankful Thursday...I have hmmmed a haaa'ed about this all week as if I should continue this. Well today my Thankfulness's' are going to be in a list form. In this list I will include memories I have with each & every one of my siblings . Now, keep in mind there are some siblings I don't know all too well. Especially my biological Mom's 2 kids. Be prepared...this may take some time as I have oodles of siblings!!!! Now in order of their age...I present to you...


  1. Christine...I didn't know Chrissy growing up much. She was already married & moved to Montana by the time I came around. Or at least that's what I remember. Every Christmas Chrissy would send a package home chocked full of home made cookies & goodies for the family. After Mom & Dad died a bunch of us flew out to Montana to visit Chrissy. The other's went on a hike somewhere in the woods while Chrissy & I stayed at her house...her "aunt flo" was visiting. So going out amongst possible Grizzly Bears was NOT a good idea. That's when I truly got a grasp what "aunt flo" meant! LOL On that same trip we all went white water rafting. Something I will NEVER do again!! Chrissy made it funny though. Especially when she bounced out of the raft. She's actually a hoot & says some off the wall stuff. I could say a few more things but they are pretty personal. I'll say one thing though...sauna....
  2. Darryl...He was also already out of the house & at Seminary by the time I came along so he & I don't know each other as much as some of the others. BUT...He has mad skills at singing Miss Piggy & The "All In The Family" theme song!! Especially Edith Bunker!!!! I have never been one to be all huggy/kissy but Darryl was one to come in the house & give out hugs to everybody...including his filthy dirty kid sister. Well, all I cared to do was play, play, play. No time for kisses. So when he kissed me I started sticking out my tongue. Now if I knew then what I know know....ISH!! I french kissed my brother!! GROSSS!! Gag me with a spoon!! One summer afternoon I took little hunks of wood & a nail & made carvings of pictures & as far as I know Darryl still has his. Sooo silly!!!
  3. Bruce...Now this man is one of my hero's. Not to say any of my other family members are not great people. Bruce is exponential at being a human being. He's an amazing brother, listener, husband & father & Grandpa. He's one tough guy but also has the biggest heart of any man I know. His commitment to his marriage is inspiring. Each year Bruce, his wife Donna & their two boys Dave & Jay went to Great America for a vacation. I was so lucky & they'd take me along!!! How stinkan awesome is that!!! One of my fave memories of him was at one of our family get togethers he & a handful of us stayed up till who knows when making up songs as my brother Pat strummed his guitar. Another time was heading to camp for the night & we sat outside in lawn chairs until 4 in the morning watching shooting stars.
  4. Joe...Joe was also out of the house by the time I came along. He gives the biggest hugs that ever existed. At times you think your toe nails are going to come out of your nose when you get a "Joey hug" When I was young what I remember most is Joe sitting at the piano playing Christmas songs & Dave, Jay & Myself singing along. Perhaps he had a lil to do with my love for Christmas Carols. He also played at Church masses (still does) and when I was a kid he was behind a screen. Well after Mass we'd go to his lil corner. For some reason I always thought that was pretty cool. Like hiding behind the screen during mass...LOL
  5. Jim... Jim is not only my brother but he's also my biological Dad. It was his parents that adopted me when I was a baby. He's hella funny!! For lack of better words!! He has his own lil language. Says "Breferse" instead of breakfast...totally cracks me up!!! Jim would come see me on the weekends when I was a kiddo. Sometimes we'd go for a ride in his big ole blue pickup truck. Sometimes he'd give me a quarter & I'd run to Norm's store & get what else? CANDY!!!. After Mom & Dad died I moved with Jim & his wife Donna. Jim & I would take Saturday afternoon trips to camp & munch on Pringles & squirt cheese. One of my favorite memories. Just a few weeks ago we had the opportunity to make more memories & went on a canoe trip. It was a complete BLAST & I'm so thankful we were able to share that!!!!
  6. Pat...He's the guitar player in the fam & he's flippen fantabulastic at it!!! When I was a kiddo he & his wife would pick me up & we'd mow his lawn...which I totally LOVED!!! I was never allowed to operate the mower at home so doing it at Pat's was a treat. Ohhh, and after the mowing was finished we went to John's U.S. Gas station & he bought me a Hershey's chocolate bar!! YUM!! Then I'd spend the night. I stood as flower girl in his & Kim's wedding when I was 5. I still have the dress!!! Watching a Packer game with Pat has never been boring!! Actually watching Pat is far more entertaining than the game...and I'm a huge Packer Backer fan!!!
  7. Mike....Now he was still home when I came along. Between him, Laurie & Kelly, they basically raised me. Mike usually gave me baths. When he'd take my shirt off he'd leave it on my head & holler "sister Abis, Sister Abis" To this day I don't know the meaning of it...I'm thinking I looked like a Nun with a "Habit" on my head. He also invented wicked cool hairstyles!! One which we dubbed the "Kathy ponytail" Sometimes we'd stand in his bedroom & dance. To this day I LOVE the song "Pop Muzik" by M. That was our song. Mike was always one to scare the jeepers out of people too. You'd walk by & Mike would be hiding under the stairs or wherever. Perhaps that's why I'm as jumpy as I am! LOL It seems like we were in the department store on a weekly basis buying the newest Barbies. And... Mike would help me name them!!! He also built me a heine kickin dollhouse for Christmas in 1985.
  8. Laurie...She was basically my only sister growing up. Yeah, I had Chrissy but I didn't truly know her. There's a 12yr age gap between Laurie & I. So sharing a room with me must have been sheer HELL for her!!! But we managed to come out of it alive & still luv the crap out of each other. Her & I were always bickering. I was spoiled rotten, I admit. Growing up her & I would lay on the couch & I'd always snuggle up to her legs. When I moved out of Jim & Donna's & went back to the family house her & I shared a room once again. This time we had the whole basement though!!! Total coolness!! We kept a Christmas tree up until March & decorated it each season!!
  9. Kelly....He provided me with a Kit Kat candy bar every week!! He worked at the VFW for Bingo & in the morning if there was a Kit Kat in the fridge it was MINE & it was from him!!! He was also the homework helper & on a few occasions the "doer" Working at Elmers with him was a flippen hoot!! Especially when I was in the cake dept & he was in the meat dept. We'd plan out our "Survivor nights" there. Total funn-ness times a million!!! He's quirky, like me & I like that!! Ohh and each year, around Easter time The Wizard of Oz would be shown. Kell, Mike, Laurie & myself would sit glued to the tv eating popcorn & drinking red koolaid as if it was our 1st time watching it. Those were the days!!

Below are the rest of my siblings. A handful are my real dad's kiddos, a couple are my real Mom's & a couple are one'e who were adopted by my real Mom's family. I will start with the kids raised by Karen, my real Mom. Keep in mind, I really do not know these two too much.

  1. BJ...I don't know him all too well. He seems like a good kid. Actually he's in his 20's already. I got to know him a little bit after his wife passed away a couple years ago. He & I share a love for big engines, and big trucks & going fast. You get him away from his environment & he's pretty cool. He has a loving heart...when he lets it show.
  2. Bobbie....This is where I have a hard time...I won't go into details...but I am thankful she did not abort my nephew Danny when she was pregnant & had the decency not to raise him herself.

Now on to my Real Dad's fabu kiddos!!!

  1. Amber...What an amazing spirit she has. She faces many challenges in life but tackles them with strength. Watching her accomplish many things inspires me. She adores the Green Bay Packers & any sport actually. She's so fun to sit with & watch games. Hearing her get excited about things that most people would consider to be minuscule excite me. She has a zest for life & appreciates the little things.
  2. Josh...When he came to us he was a one year old twerple...but a darn cutie pie head. For awhile he shared a room with me. His nightly "duice" calls annoyed me to no end. Oh, btw, "duice" is Joshy talk for Juice. He & I also share a passion for big trucks, big engines & going fast. I took him everywhere when I was a teenager. He was like his big sister's tag along...much like I was with my older siblings. It's hard to believe he's now a man. Oh well, he's still my kid brother & I can still kick his but...well that's what I say!! LOL
  3. Aaron...what a lil munchkin he was when he came to us. I'm so proud of him for joining the National Guard & he's supposed to be going "Active" soon. It's hard to believe the lil baby I rocked is a man now. He's still a punk though with lots of growing up to do but I am certain he will get there. Once he let's you in you will realize what a charming fella he is. He's great fun to sing with & dance around with. Get us together & you have yourself a two person comedy show.
  4. Jessica...She also has some obstacles in life but she handles them with grace. Just recently she gave me a bracelet she made for me. She loves to do crafts...as do I. So it's always great fun sitting down with her making things & just watching her create things. She adores animals too & it's always awesome watching her interact & be mother-ly to my many pets.
  5. Jimmy...He & I are very close. It reminds me of me & Kelly growing up in a way. JJ is a complete joy to have around, very helpful, and hella funny!!! He was just a baby when I moved back to the family home after high school. I babysat the kids all the time so when I moved out it was like leaving my kids. I know, I was just a kid myself but still...JJ tagged along at my heals for everything. I walked in the door & he jumped in my arms. To this day he sees me & gives me hugs & tells me he loves me.
  6. Jesse James...He came along after I was already out of the house. We've had him over for the day on occasion & he's one heck of a jibber jabber-er & can easily entertain a whole country. He cracks me up! On our most recent visit we made cupcakes. Like any kid he wanted every color sprinkle on the cupcake. Watching his face when I said go for it was sheer bliss. Take that boy shopping for his birthday gift & you'll have a field day!! He's soo indecisive. But hes 6 so yeah, he sees one thing, wants that, changes his mind in the next aisle. He totally cracks me up!

Next are my two sister's who were adopted by my biological Aunt

  1. Jamie...She is my only full blooded sister. In the ways her & I are alike we are very alike & the ways we differ, we really differ!!! I met her when I was probably around 8 or so. I always knew I had a sister Jamie. One 4th of July at the parade I met her. It wasn't planned. But our families happened to be watching on the same corner. We got introduced to each other & we watched the parade, sharing our candy & having a Good ole time. After Mom & Dad died we lost contact for 8yrs. But once we got back re-united we picked up where we left off. We've had numerous good times & a few not so well times. I won't get into those though...I have 2 wunnaful nieces & a super fab nephew. She invited me to be in the delivery room when her youngest daughter was born. What a gift! I also cut the umbilical cord for Jordyn & Jordyn's middle name is after our 2nd baby...it's pretty special.
  2. And last but not least is Elizabeth...who friggen rocks the house!!! She & I didn't really get to know each other until she was a teenager but once we did holy bean bags!! We share a lot of quirks, and interests & when people see us together it is her & I that people say look like sister's. Anytootles, she has given me two amazing nieces whom I totally adore to pieces!!! We've had oodles of fun times, geocacheing, movies, brunches, shopping, and just being dorks. That's what I luv about her. She's not afraid to be herself & just be quirky. She's a scatterbrain like me so we "get" each other. And we both LOVE, LOVE LOVE books!!!! I totally can't wait to go book shopping together one day!!! We also have sister tattoos. Hers on her foot & mine is on the back of my neck. It's of a shooting star. (I will go into what it means to me in another post.) To not even grow up with each other & to have what we have now is freakin fantabulastic!!!

So there you have it in a nutshell...a very large nutshell in fact. These are my siblings...all of them & I am so very thankful for each & every one of them. They have all had a part in inspiring me, and helping me to become who I am today & that pretty much rocks my socks bright purple!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some fave quotes...

Below are a handful of amazing life quotes...which just so happen to be a few of my favorites
Nobody ever said life was easy…
they just promised that it would be worth it.
To the World you may be one person,
but to one person you may be the World
Shoot for the moon.
Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars
Everyday is a gift,
thats why they call it the present.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life,
make it work for you.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Started out Innocent

The other day I posted what I thought was an Innocent entry & apparently it upset someone. Instead of this someone calling me to tell me how the post made them feel they signed up for a blog account just to post a negative comment which was pretty much about how they felt left out of my blog. I gave myself some time to think about it & my mind is still rather boggled & I am still unsure what to do. Should I continue writing on this thing? Especially if I feel I have to defend myself all the time? I've contemplated deleting this blog & I may just do that after this event. I'm a rather brutally honest person & a blog is about expressing yourself. I say things like it is.
It's so easy to read something & misconstrue the words. I don't intentionally set out to hurt people's feelings. But for some reason I apparently did...without even knowing.
This is what happened...I posted a blog titled Thankful Thursday. In the blog I posted random pics of things I am thankful for. I mentioned in the beginning & the end that these were just a few of the many thankfulness's' of Kaffy. I put a great amount of time into this post. It took a few hours just to find pictures.
Well, to lay it all on the table this is how it is...I don't have pictures of myself with my family. I was 10 years old when my parents died. Would I have liked them to stay living & remained with my siblings? Heck YES!!! But things didn't work out that way. Life throws in some not too wonderful events. After my Mom & Dad died I went to live with my biological dad & his wife. During that time I did not have much contact with certain family members. Did it suck? HECK YES!!!! I was close to 2 of my brothers & my sister. But I only had 10 short years to make memories. So I really don't have those experiences to be able to post about. Am I thankful for them? ABSOFRIGGENLUTELY!!!! This blog was a picture blog of things I am thankful for...I just plain ole don't have pics of myself with my family. My one brother is 10yrs older than me, my sis is 12yrs older than me & my other brother is 13 or 14yrs older than me. So, the age gap kinda had us going different ways. That's just how life is. Do I wish I had special memories & photos? Heck yes!!! See, I don't post oodles about my family because I don't have oodles of memories. I was a kid, running around, playing dolls & whatnot. Our family doesn't get together all too often. Not because we don't like each other or anything like that. But everybody has jobs, works different shifts, some are married, have families & some are not married. It's hard to get us all under one roof with such hectic lives. But that in no way shape or form means we don't love each other. This part is where I will allow myself to vent just a little bit...Does it suck that I have some family who only know me through what they read on my blog? YES! Does it suck that some don't call me "just because"? Heck yes. I have friends who do that same. The excuse is that they never know when we are home. Well we have phones. They could call perhaps. I've always thought communication with each other was a two way street. Not only one person needs to be putting in the effort. Well, for the longest time I seemed to be the only one to put in the effort....and I just stopped. That does not mean that I still do not care for them...because I do. I have discussed this situation with a few other family members because I wanted to know what I did wrong...and if I did anything wrong. One said I should sorta apologize & clarify myself. But I still wonder...what would I be apologizing for? For not posting pics that don't exist? Another couple said I did nothing wrong & they totally understand that the pics just plain ole don't exist & they were not offended their photo was not included in my thankful post. Plus I don't really allow myself to go back to my childhood. There were some awesome things, no doubt about that. But my childhood was not what I'd call spectacular. Now please don't take that in a way that I am not eternally grateful for my childhood. Because I am. My two older brothers & sister basically raised me, Dad worked a lot, Mom got sick, Dad got cancer, they died, I had to move away from my familiar life at home with my siblings into a whole different life. I grew up fast after Mom & Dad died. That's pretty much my childhood in a nutshell. I don't want to let myself live in the past. Especially my emotional childhood. It's never ending drama. It's life though...and it's my life...and for me my life truly didn't begin until I met Ken.
I accept that before I came along there were 9 of them, there are memories, and pictures of just the 9 of them. I'm not at all offended I was not included. Those pictures & memories just don't exist. That's what it comes down to. The same thing with the Thankful Thursday post of pictures....I can't include pictures that I plain ole don't have. They don't exist. It doesn't mean I am not thankful for them...it was a picture thing...started out innocent, a way to remind myself that each & every day there are so many things to be thankful for. In today's world it's so easy to point out the bad things. I thought it was good to allow myself to reflect on my many thankfulness's'. Apparently even posting good things somehow gets me in trouble, I'm rather sick of having to defend myself & explain the obvious to so many people.
I needed to allow myself to be happy and post about happy things. And for one day I was grateful & happy. The month of August has not been very kind to us. We lost our 1st baby on the 23rd of 95 & lost our 2nd baby on the 31st of August. So I need to remind myself of the wunnaful things in life. Especially in August when I have to be reminded of the babies I lost. So this post was a way to do that...and it turned to complete crap that day after when I read the comment....no more thankful Thursday posts...I'll probably mess it up.
I love my family. I just don't have very many memories of them growing up. Life threw out some curve balls & it was out of my hands. I was 10 & I can't fabricate memories that don't exist. I'm sure by posting this I will offend people too & words will be miss construed...it's a never ending cycle...one I will most likely delete.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

In a previous post I mentioned how I'd like to start having Thankful Thursday posts. Each Thursday I'll post just a smidgen of the wonderful things from the week that I am thankful for. It is a reminder to continue to give thanks every day!!! This Thursday however I am going to post random thankfullness' from this week & in the past. It's just too hard to narrow it down!!! =) In no particular order here are some of....
Kaffy's many thankfullness'
My lil sister Elizabeth

For being kids again & dressing up for Halloween with Pat & Sammi

Pat was Agnus Young from AC/DC & I guess we were his groupies.

My ultra fabulous friend Shash!

My handsome, fantabulastic hubby & gorgeous Lake Superior behind us

My quirky, loud, obnoxious, awesome, kind friend Sammi

Steve for giving me a ride on his crotch rocket. We went 110 & I loved every second of it!

I'm thankful I will NEVER ever do this to my hair ever again...also very thankful for the invention of tweezers & wax to tame those furry caterpillar eyebrows! And a hubby who loved me through this look!!!! I'm very fortunate!

Our friends Jeff & Jenny's twins. Born at 25 weeks. They are now home & doing fantastical!!!

For my elementary days friend Jewel & her hubby Ben & son Braylon. It's been awesome re-connecting & getting to know each other again. Their love & commitment is outstanding & inspiring!

For reuniting with Kellie. We've been friends for eons & lost touch for 14yrs after she moved with her Mom. She is now back in my life & I am so thankful!!!

Hooray for dorky Arizona when she was a pup. She ALWAYS sat in the water side bowl while she ate. She's like 5 times bigger than that now & has thankfully grown out of splashing water all over the place. Well for the most part.

My niece Kayla, nephew Danny & niece Jordyn

Snowflakes during Christmas in the Village Days

I am eternally thankful for my hubby, my best friend & hiking along Lake Superior's cliffs

For having such a photogenic doggy =)

For the log bed my real Dad & brother made us for Christmas a few years ago. Also, for the blue afghan which was my Moms & the purple afghan at the foot of the bed that Ken's Nana made for us =)

Christmas tree's in the bedroom!!! And a hubby that allows his wife to put up 4 to 5 trees =)

once again, for Christmas trees & hubby & the fact that our 4 dogs sat still long enough to take a picture. This was taken before we got Arizona Claire

For my nieces Brittany, Courtney, Breanna & nephew Bryan. They were playing dressup. Bryan was to get married to a neighborhood girl & my nieces were in the wedding party! Too funny!

For butterflies on apple trees

And sunsets. This was taken at Ken's Nana's lake in Massachusetts

For having the best inlaws! Front L to R: Gpa Woodbury, his bird Cookie, Breanna, Courtney & Brittany. Back Row L to R: Kens sister Connie, Bryan, Ken, Ken's parents, Nana, and Kens oldest sister Patti


There are oodles & oodles of other thankfullness' of Kaffy. This doesn't even scratch the surface!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Bucket List

I highly recomend the Movie The Bucket List! I had myself a little "Kathy time" & watched it last week. Sensational movie!!!

Now to some this may sound wierd, and a bit wackadoodleish but for as long as I remember I have always had a "bucket list" But mine was called "the to do before I die list" I know, kinda morbid. I've always thought I was going to die young. Wierd huh? Anyways this list totally fits my personality though & a fantastic way to fulfil my need for making lists. Plus it keeps me on target of my life goals. I don't need a reason such as an impending death time frame to do extraordinary things. We're all gonna die wheather we like it or not & it's best to make the best of the short time frame we call life & experience everything life has to offer!!

I'll share a few of my life goals that have been achieved & some yet to achieve...

1. Be kind to others (I continue to try to do this daily)

2. Marry a wonderful man (I am so lucky to have met & married my best friend. Ken's pretty super neato if you ask me!!)

3. Climb a mountain (We kinda sorta went rock climbing in Montana...but I don't consider that to count)

4. Live out West (One day....Out West is where my soul belongs)

5. Travel in all of the United States (We were so fortunate to travel through the 48 continental states & 5 of the providences in Canada)

6. Learn about anything & everything (This is a never ending goal)

7. Be an advocate for cancer (I haven't even touched the surface & I will never stop!)

8. Help abused, orphaned, shelter dogs & cats & well any animal in need of a loving home (Well, we have 5 dogs, 2 cats...all from bad homes or shelters)

9. See Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway (Haven't done this yet...)

10. Be a Mommy (Can I consider being a mommy to my animals being a mommy? I've always wanted kids...5 to be exact. But the man upstairs apparently has different plans for us in life)

11. Meet my bestest gal friend Shashi (This is a huge one for me!! I don't think she even knows just how much her friendship means to me & how very much I treasure our friendship. She is a total hero & a great inspiration & I can't even imagine how I'd cope with MM if I hadn't met her swellacious self!!)

12. Make a difference (as in make people happy, be kind, share in life experiences)

I could go on & on here...but I won't bore ya!

Do any of you have a list of goals to do before you kick the bucket?

Hi, Low

Everyday for the past several years Ken & I do this thing called Hi/ Low. We first saw it being done in the movie "The Story of Us" with Michael Keaton. What a fantastical movie it was!


In the movie at the end of each day they ask each other what their high was for that day & what their low was for the day. Each night as we lay down in bed we go through the high/lo routine. Even if Ken is on the road I ask him his highs & lows & he does tha same. At first when we started to do this it was so easy to pin point the lows & the highs took some real thinking. It showed us we need to be more thankful. I guess we just took those little highs for granted.


Each and every day my high is waking up, having my hubby and pets & health, a roof over my head, family & friends. You know, that sort of thing. What we go for is the non obvious highs that happen every day. I notice I have oodles & oodles of highs every day!! One such high was the other day, I was sitting on the recliner & Buster nuzzled up to me & made himself all snuggly in my dress. Isn't he just adorable!


I've been thinking about having one day each week where I post about the many things I am thankful for during that week. I was thinking Tuesdays but I'm leaning toward Thursdays...Thankful Thursday sounds rather catchy & swell. =)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We CAN make a difference

I have been rather quiet on my blog lately other than the quizzes & non personal things. I had to take some time to do some searching & get re-focused.


Just a few days after my post about cancer that Allison gal lost her battle. She passed away on the 5th of August....I still continue to read her hubby Toms posts. It's heartbreaking but at the same time very loving.


Also on the morning on August 12th my friend Shane posted a mssg saying that his Mom passed away as well. I mentioned before...Jan had cancer for several years & it had traveled to her brain. Last Thursday was Jan's services. My friend Kristin & I attended for about an hour. Both Shane, his brother Chad & their Dad seem to be doing well, under the circumstances. Just days prior Shane had mentioned to me that they had a sweatshirt made for his mom of Harley(his dog). Harley was such a Grandmas girl. Well, sadly Jan never got to wear it & it was folded up & placed in her casket. The flowers were gorgeous, as his mother was.


Tomorrow my sister Christine has surgery for her cancer. I ask everybody to keep Alison's family & friends, Shane, Chad & Kevin (their dad), and my sister Chrissy in your thoughts....


In other news I have found what I believe to be a very wunnaful organization that one may like to join to help brighten a chemo patients day. It's called Chemo Angels http://www.chemoangels.net/ I am also still trying to get some leads on the afghan idea. I'm kinda leaning toward Victory Junction Gang camp. It's a camp The Petty's run in Honor of their son Adam Petty which is a camp for terminally ill kiddos. http://www.victoryjunction.org/aa_home/index.html My friend Becky also has an ultra fantastical fundraiser going on. It's for NF2. If one is interested in helping in those efforts click on the link right below my song thingy on my profile. I urge you to check out her story. She's truly an inspiration!!! There are a number of ways one can help with either of these organizations. Isn't life about helping others & making their day better???

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All about Christmas quizzes

Ok, sooo anybody who knows the slightest bit about me knows I'm a total Christmas gal!!! I totally can't resist some Yuletide joy...even in August!!! =)

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Very Brady Christmas

For you, it's all about sharing times with family.

Even if you all get a bit cheesy at times.

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Very Brady Christmas

For you, it's all about sharing times with family.

Even if you all get a bit cheesy at times.

You Know a Lot About Christmas

You got 5/10 correct

You know tons about the history and traditions surrounding Christmas.

When you celebrate the holidays, you never forget their true meaning - or all the little fun details.

Random Christmas fact: 7% of mall Santas were found to have a criminal background.

Oh my word!!!!! This next quiz....purple is my fave color!!! How kwinkidinklish!!!

You Should Have a Purple Christmas Tree

For you, the holidays represent a time of creativity and expression.

There's no way you'd do something bland simply for tradition's sake.

You are an independent person, and you definitely do the holidays your own way.

And you're decadent enough to go way over the top with any unusual holiday ideas you have.

Your purple tree would look great with: Purple lights and ornaments

You should spend Christmas Eve watching: A Christmas Story

What you should bake for Santa: "Kitchen sink" cookies - with a ton of things in them

You Are a Tree

You love every part of the holidays, down to the candy canes and stockings. And you're goofy enough to put a Christmas tree ornament on your tree!

Wooo hooo!! I feel a sweat coming on!!! I LUV Christams!!! Ok, one more quiz...for good measure of course =)

Your Christmas Sprit Level: 95%

Your Christmas spirit is almost as big as Christmas itself. Christmas is definitely your thing.

You celebrate Christmas with enthusiasm. You love every minute of the holidays.

Your Christmas spirit is inspiring to everyone who runs into you during the holidays.

You make everyone's day just a little bit brighter. And that's what the holidays are all about!

Do you know how badly I want to decorate my home for the Holidays even today at this very moment!?!? Like oodles!! I can't wait to start & this year we will add another tree to our home to be decorated thanks to my Mom in law. She gave us their tree as they go to TX for the winter. So that makes 3 full sized trees, dozens of table top trees & a few 2-3 footers. Combined with thousands of lights, pine garlands, yummy smelling candles, music in the background, baked goodies, one manger, countless ornaments...ahhhhh Christmas...it's a spirit I'm in all year through =)

Some quizzes

The quiz below pretty much sums it up...

What Your Ideal Wedding Dress Says About You
Your Personal Style:

Classic and elegant. You prefer to make a statement with a few quality pieces.

Your Ideal Wedding:

Traditional and formal, but not tacky. You think the most beautiful weddings are understated.

Your Philosophy on Marriage:

It's a serious commitment, and the couple entering it should be ready to work for their relationship.

Your Perfect Marriage:

Is calm, stable, deep, and meaningful.

This next one cracks me up....I stink something fierce at Table Tennis!! LOL

You Are Table Tennis
You're a quick thinker and even quicker to act.
You can anticipate an opponent's move and countermove easily.
You tend to win quickly, so quickly that your rival doesn't realize that the game's over.

Holy cowzers!! I am now addicted to these quizzes!! Anytootles, the one below describes me to a T!! I'm a total visual person & often remember fine details.
You are the Sense of Sight
You are a very observant, detail oriented person.
You are able to take in a lot of information at once.
You often see things that other people never notice.

You have a good eye for design and aesthetics.
You love to be surrounded by beauty - natural or not.
When you imagine how something should look, you see it clearly in your mind.

luv this green!!
You Are Emerald Green
Deep and mysterious, it often seems like no one truly gets you.
Inside, you are very emotional and moody - though you don't let it show.
People usually have a strong reaction to you... profound love or deep hate.
But you can even get those who hate you to come around. There's something naturally harmonious about you.

You Are 55% Open
You are a fairly open person, but you also like to maintain your privacy.
You definitely will tell all (okay, almost all) to your closest friends...
But strangers and acquaintances only get a peek into your life.

What Your Hands Say About You
You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.

Flexible and broad minded, you can fit in to any situation. There's no telling where your life will take you.

Consistent and reliable, you like to count on structure and routine in your life.

Your emotions tend to be nervous and potent. Your energy - both positive and negative - deeply impacts your life.

You Communicate With Your Eyes
When you say, "I'll believe it when I see it" - you really mean it.
For you, what you see is a lot more important than what you hear.
You don't take someone's words at face value. You judge people by their facial expressions, body language, and appearance.
You tend to be quiet, but when you talk, you tend to make eye contact and describe things in colorful detail.

I think my older siblings will get a kick out of this one....they still call me a lil brat. LOL

You Are Bobby Brady
Ultra competitive, you will do almost anything to win. From pull ups to pool sharking, you're very talented.
And while everyone is aware of your victories, they still (affectionately) consider you to be a little brat!

Monday, August 11, 2008

This weekend

This weekend = awesomeness times a million!!! Ken arrived home on Friday night & we be- bopped over to April & Bob's bon fire for a hour or so. We had to get up for our canoe trip early Saturday morning. Our niece Brittany & my lil brother Aaron spent the night at our house so we could set & jet.
Ok, the canoe trip....started out really well...about a half hour into it we swamped our boat. I was in the front, Brit was in the middle & the Kenster was in the back. Well, basically what happened is us gals in the front didn't have enough weight & everything was sooo wobbly!! Like bad. I totally thought I was gonna toss my cookies a few times. I'll tell ya something...canoeing is great for marriage counseling!! I warned everybody in our group that Ken & I have very poor communication skills when it comes to canoeing and warned them we in fact are not fighting or on the verge of divorce when we canoe. We both managed to do rather well on the communicationalizing part surprisingly. LOL Perhaps it had to do with Brit in the boat with us. Hehe I had purchased some 1 time use cameras for the trip but they were not waterproof. So those unfortunately got swamped with the over turning of our boat. So we have no pics from our great adventure =( My brother Bruce had taken oodles of pics though. I'm anxiously awaiting the disc =) About 3/4 of the way through the trip Ken put some large boulders in the front part of the boat to hopefully even out the ride a bit...well it worked like a gem & the rest of the trip was outstanding & no spats occurred =)
Yesterday we slept in & we couldn't figure out what in tarnation we wanted to do for the day. Should we clean our bedroom? Nah, too boring & responsible to do that! Should we clean the garage & organize all of Ken's tools? Nope to that too. Then we discussed going to Fayette State Park in Garden, MI. We hadn't been there in probably close to 9 years. So we grabbed a few things & set out for a fun filled K&K day. Which we hadn't had one of those in I dunno how long!!
In Garden there is an Apple Orchard. Ken apparently saw the place & turned around & went in the parking lot. It looked like an old run down school to me. But what the heck, we went in. There were no apples but they did have gorgeous looking cherries & my eyes feasted on the large room filled to the rim with books!!! There were also rooms with antiques. But I spent as much time as Ken allowed to rummage through the used books. Call me a wackadoodle but I sooo enjoy the smell of old books!!! I ended up only purchasing 5. But I plan on retuning to the orchard this Fall for apples & I'll totally rummage through the countless books & make a large addition to my wunnaful collection!! =)
After the Orchard we headed on to Fayette. It's a Ghost Town these days. But back in the 1800's it was a booming Smelting town. Not smelting as in fish, but smelting as in pig iron. The town is situated on gorgeous Lake Michigan. I could go on & on about this town. As we walked through the old buildings we imagined what it was like back in the day. We took countless pictures, took lil rests along the pebble roads & sat along the shore & watched the waves crash. Wild raspberries grew all over the place. Neither of us could pass those up! LOL Then we noticed some fuzzy round raspberry looking berries. But knew they were not raspberries. Neither Ken nor I are hip on what berries are edible. I know blueberries, strawberries & raspberries. Oh and blackberries. Never saw one of these pretty berries though. We each picked one & gave it a sniff. Ken even took a lick. I wasn't so daring. We continued on our walk & there were more of these berries just mounds of them. This family in front of us was eating them so I asked what they were called. The woman was from the Copper Country up by Houghton, MI. She said they are thimble berries & they grow like crazy up there. So we picked a few & tried em...totally yummalicious!! While picking some Ken spotted a cute lil bird nest in the thimble berry bushes.
We were both getting pretty hungry despite the berry foraging so we snapped a few more pics on our way back to the parking lot. Well we planned on heading home but drove through Fayette's campground 1st & then saw a sign for another campground so we decided to go down this dirt road for what seemed forever. It was only 7 miles but it seemed to be longer. What a gorgeous place & we totally plan on going there next year!!
We stopped for din din at Thilene's. Actually we had never been there before either. The food was fantastic!!! Then we came home & chillaxed. Such a wunnaful weekend filled with awesome events!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today we went to Fayette State Park In Garden, MI...about an hour from Esky. I'm just going to post some pics & I'll write oodles about it tomorrow =)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hoping for a miracle

I'm going to cut to the chase right away. It's no secret I am not what you'd call very religious. I don't attend weekly services & haven't in years. That's not to say I don't believe. In fact I have a deep spiritual belief & I pray often. Just not publicly. It's one of the things in my life I keep very private.


Well I've been thinking...LOTS!! I have a friend who's Mom is terminally ill with the evil C word. CANCER. She's had it for years but now her journey is taking her for a loop. The cancer is now in her brain and she is bedridden amongst other things. She needs a miracle. I was talking throughout the night with my friend about this. I wish I could take his pain & hurt away & make his Mom well. I admire Shane & his Mom's love for each other. It sucks knowing my friend is in so much pain. I know we all meet our Creator some day & ultimately we don't belong to anybody but the Lord.


I have also been keeping up with a story of a married couple who have a blog who are going through some very trying times. This is Tom's blog link http://www.staroftheseabreezes.blogspot.com/ and this is Alison's http://mrsladystaroftheseabreezes.blogspot.com/ No, I don't know these people personally. But their love story & strength is inspiring. Alison needs a miracle too.


I have a sister who lives in Montana. I don't really know Christine too well. She's in her mid 50's so there's somewhat of an age gap. Anyways, she was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She will be going through surgery in a week or so.


My Dad passed away from cancer. As did Ken's Grandpa Woodbury. Ken's Nana is a breast cancer survivor of 32yrs. Ken grandpa Krause had prostate cancer, and so did his uncle Don. My biological aunt just had a mass mastectomy a handful of weeks ago. My childhood friends brother passed away from cancer, my friend Becky is a cancer survivor of 15yrs, and I've had extended family & friends beat & pass away from this wicked disease.


I think about the C word a lot. Probably too much actually. It affects too many people! I often wonder how we can put a man on the moon & not have a cure for cancer.


There has to be something we can do!!! Ever since my Dad died 22yrs ago I have been thinking of "what can I do to help" The passion for "what can I do to help" grew even deeper after participating in The Relay For Life a couple months ago. I have an idea but I have to contact the proper people to see if it's feasible. I know there are cancer wards & camps all over the place. My idea is making patchwork afghans & sending them to patients. But I'd need the help of "miracle hands" to make squares. I call them "miracle hands" because it is my hope that if many people contribute a square for an afghan that is then given to a sick individual that the individual will feel the love through this blanket which so many hands had a part in. Imagine being wrapped in warmth by so many caring hands. It could just provide a miracle!! That is my hope!!


I need to do some research about this idea...if anybody has any leads or other thoughts please let me know. Cancer's heine needs to be kicked to the moon!