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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Suicide Mud Plunge 2011

Our team "The Flying Feathers" participated in the first Mud Plunge last Saturday in Ishpeming, MI. It was a 5k run in mud pits with 6 different obstacles. I totally knew it was going to rock all sorts of butt when we signed up. This gal right here LOVES getting dirty!!

This is my Anytime Fitness family. Joining the gym last November was one of THE most rewarding things we have ever done. It's brought us closer, met new friends, not to mention the crazy amount of benefits it has done to our bodies. Have you seen my Ken lately??? Check out those guns!! Yum Ok, back to the race....

We ran through fields, the forest, muddy roads, over hurdles made of logs, through a rope spiderweb, through tires, climbed a 10ft wall, crawled on our tummies through a fantastic mud pit, stood in front of firehoses to rinse off.....ohhh I'm tellin ya, it. was. AWESOME!!! I was so completely terrified of the darn climbing wall. Remember, I can trip on my own shadow and my balance is super wonky. But I DID IT!!!!! CHAAAACHING!!!

Not only was it fun, but mud is good for your skin!! And who doesn't fancy a muddy hunky hubby...and firemen spraying you off with hoses. Man, that water was FREEZING!!!

Can't wait till next years event!! You can bet your buns we will be back!!!

Team Flying Feathers: Derek & Shelli, Kathy & Ken

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm back =)

Summer will soon be turning into Autum here in the good ole Yoop. I am looking forward to the change in season. This summer was riddled with some pretty tough events. Events that kinda sorta stole my writing mojo.

On Father's day morning I was doing my hair and makeup in the bathroom. The phone rang and it was my cousin talking to Ken. I hear Ken say "no way, are you kidding, what???" Ken then proceeds to tell me that my cousin, the one next door hung himself that morning! That affected me big time & at times I still think about it. He was a troubled guy, involved in some not too swell stuff. But, he was a human, he had a heart, 5 kids...a family. Truth is, when he moved in next door we both realized we were cousins. We would have minimal conversations, I guess it was going ok. Then the fighting, cops there a few times a week, the staring, them telling me when I could let my dogs in my yard....basicly, our friendly chit chat, or any chit chat for that matter ceased. Oftentimes, I wanted to talk to him, like, sit him down and talk to him, try to help him straighten his life out. The other part of me was terrified to do so...So, I never did. I kept my distance...and he died...next door, about 3 feet from my home. I can't even imagine how his Mom, sisters, girlfriend...family felt. I was not able to bring myself to go to the funeral.

For weeks I had terrifying nighmares. Not the "oh, well that was spooky" type dreams. These were full fledged nightmares. Like the ones I had after my parents died. I spent a good few weeks on the road with my hubby because the thought of being home alone at night made my skin crawl.

I ran races, went camping with friends and the hunky hubby, immersed myself in books, wrote daily, cried, worked in the garden, changed the living room around by myself, cooked enourmous amounts of foods and crocheted. I was on a search for the old Kathy. A Kathy that was somehow lost early this summer....Well folks....I am back!! Totally ready to share all sorts of fantabulastical things!!! =)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A summer of running

Man, these races are addicting! After we did the Cellcom in Green Bay in May, Ken mentioned he wanted 5 race shirts by the end of summer. Well, folks, we just completed our 4th run on the 4th of July!! We are scheduled for another run on July 9th, another on July 30th and one more on August 27th.

Pictured Rocks Road Race for the American Red Cross. June 26th, 2011. Munising, MI

Freedom Run, July 4th, 2011, Munising, MI

I am struggling with shin horrible shin splints and the last race I was having a bad mm day....so I walked most of that race. Ken beat his previous 5k times on this last race. It's a race within myself. I want to do better, and I will do better...the next race.

Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors.
Try to be better than yourself.
--William Faulkner

Thursday, June 16, 2011

John Laurin Memorial 5k run

On May 28th, 2011 we ran another 5k. Yuppers, two in one month! Ya know, about 6 months ago, we never thought doing this was possible. It was a challenging cross country course down country roads, fields, trails in the woods, but it was pure awesome! We finished this race in 5 minutes more than the one in Green Bay. Which is not all that bad when you take into account this was a completely different terrain.

Our next race is on June 26th in Munising, MI, then another on July 9th in Gladstone, July 30th in Flatrock, MI, and our final planned one on August 27th in Ishpeming, MI. There's a lot of training and prep work going on!!

Run on!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A dandy night for a bikeride

When there is not snow on the ground one of the activities the hunky hubby and I enjoy is to take bikerides to the lake. We only live a short distance (blocks) from the shores of Lake Michigan. It's one of the many reasons I love being a Yooper. On this night my lil brother and his gf joined us on the pedal. Fun times!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The impact of hearing loss overcome

The impact of hearing loss overcome: "There are many types of hearing aids to fit a range of ages and lifestyles"

Thursday, May 26, 2011

When dreams become reality...our 1st 5k

On May 14th, 2011 we embarked on the Cellcom 5k in Green Bay, WI. Let me tell you....this was a dream come true!!! We trained, and trained some more...and WE DID IT!!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would attain the balance and endurance to compete. For months I spent hours at the gym on a daily basis, working on my balance that menieres had taken away. Ken worked his tail feather off too and built his endurance up. It was quite the preperation...even though it was only for a 5k.

It was a rainy dreary morning but our spirits were nothing but sunshine. We were doing our very 1st race, and we would be running on Lambeau Field, with the most fabulous peeps.

I started out strong and before long my shins were on fire so I walked at a fast pace until I could run again. Never going to give up. That first mile was the hardest. The remaining two just fell into place. Before we knew it, we were heading below the stadium and out onto Lambeau Field. I ran, swiping the grass, we looked around, took pictures and I even bent down on my hands and knees and kissed the tundra. Yup, I totally rocked that move. I mean, hey, how often am I going to be able to touch the field that my fave football team plays on. You know how many great athletes have played on that field.....amazing stuff folks!!

I can tell you this...this was our first run....but not our last! These things are addicting, much like getting tattoos. Ken said he wants to have at least 5 race bibs/tshirts by the end of the summer. As a matter of fact, we are doing another 5k on this Saturday in Carney, MI. There really is nothing that will 'distract' us, or I mean, ME this time. I lost a good 10-12 minutes taking it all in when we went onto Lambeau Field. This time, we are talking sheer focus, determination. Time to kick it up a notch and make some smoke!! Oh, and next years goal???? Half marathon!! YUP!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


For the past three weeks, on Tuesday and Thursday nights I've been participating in a Boot camp program the the gym Ken & I belong to put on. The instructor is an ex Marine dude. We're talking hard core! I knew I was gonna get my ass handed to me! I was right....After my first session I could not walk for two days. That's no joke folks!! But, I went back... I must not be right in the head but the buttkickin I'd get felt fantastic! So, I kept going. The class only lasted an hour but in that hour we did numerous crunches of various types, pushups up the wazooo, more lunges than I care to even count and numerous other hard core fun exercises. I only missed two sessions. The first one I missed because my menieres had me all wonkified...meaning dizzy mess. The other night was because we were working hard on the Benefit stuff for our friend. Last night was the last session and I knew my friend Danna wouldn't be there. I was very apprehensive about still going. I was terrified what would happen if I went into a mm episode of vertigo. Who would get me home? Who would go to the bathroom with me if that happened? I called Ken and ya know, I ALMOST didn't go last night....but he gave me the push I needed and told me to just go....so, I did! And it was fantastical! I found myself doing more and more each week. Now, I know I'll never be top notch but hey, I did it!! I won prizes three out of the four times I went. The first time I won a water bottle, the second, a protein drink, and last night I won a free one month membership! Oh, and next week we are totally getting free Boot camp t-shirts! Exciting stuff eh!! (That's the Yooper coming out in me btw)

I feel sooo fortunate to be able to be doing the things I am doing. So jazzed up that I wrote my friend, who is also club manager, a lil note telling her just how amazing the gym has been. This is what I wrote:

"Jayne, I just have to tell you how amazing you all have been at the gym. Boot camp has been incredible!! I just feel like giving high fives and hugs to everybody! Just a few years ago I was unable to do so much due to my balance issues from menieres disease. Just riding my bike was difficult without getting extreme vertigo, I had to hold walls to walk, I couldn't cross country ski or run anymore without falling down. I was apprehensive about doing boot camp because of my wankerd up hearing but it has been beyond awesome!! The gym has given me back so much! I've met incredible people that always keep me wanting to do more, my balance has improved slightly and very soon I'll be sportan single digit jeans! A to the freaking men! I just want you and everybody to know how incredible Anytime Fitness is and I cannot thank the gym enough for giving me bits of my life back!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could get back to running and now we are doing the 5k in May. I know it's only a 5k but it's gonna be beyond spiffytastic!!"

I'm tellin ya...life changing stuff folks! Take that Menieres!!! It may eventually take away my ability to hear but it sure as hell isn't getting MY LIFE!! =) If you are somewhere in your life, that you don't think something isn't possible, know that it IS possible! Never give up on your dreams, goals or yourself!! You are worth it, believe you can do it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where's Kathy??

Ken & I have taken on a big project. A good friend of ours was involved in a horrible car accident on 2-19-11. Steve was in a medically induced coma for a little over two weeks. He was on a respirator, kidney dialysis, had a shattered pelvis, hip, broken wrist and a badly injured left leg. His left leg is so bad that the doctors had surgery scheduled to have it amputated. But, the following morning, the swelling went down slightly. Steve is now out of the coma, off of dialysis, breathing on his own, has had 5 surgeries on his bad leg (which they are still unsure can be saved), surgery on his pelvis hip and wrist. I brought it up to Ken about having a benefit for him...and it caught like wild fire. It's been amazing. We live in such a remarkable community. People are coming together. It's truly been a blessing.

Spaghetti & Meatball Benefit Dinner

for Stephen Ewing

Escanaba VFW April 30,2011


$6 adult, $4 children & kids under 5 free

***Raffles and silent auction***

Steve was involved in a devastating car accident in Manistique, MI on February 19th, 20 II. He was in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks, on kidney dialysis & ventilator. He has had surgery on his broken pelvis, hip, wrist, and numerous surgeries on his left leg. The doctors are still trying to save his left leg from having to be amputated. He has numerous surgeries and many months of rehab in the future. All $$$ raised will go to the Ewing family to help defray travel expenses and bills.

We are also hoping to get Steve a laptop and new hearing aid. Steve is deaf, therefor, he isn't able to use the telephone to keep in touch with family and friends as he is bedridden in the hospital. His communication with the outside world is done primarily through the computer. His hearing aid is also broke.

***Info: Kathy Woodbury kmw825@yahoo.com or 906-789- 1064 ***

Special update: Last week I put the benefit info on my facebook and mentioned that we also want to get Steve a new hearing aid because his was broke in the accident. My fab friend brandy saw my status and told me she would talk to her aunt at Miracle Ear. That very night brandy called me with amazing news!! That very day her aunt Rose had been given a set of top notch hearing aides from a family member of a person that had passed away. The family wanted the aides to be donated to someone who really needed them and can not afford them.

Now, hold on, that's not all. Rose will travel to Steve free of charge. She's doing this on her own. She will do his hearing exam, make his ear impressions and program the aides out of the kindness of her heart. Amazing right!! A pure stranger helping someone out!! Rocks my world!

The only cost is $100 for the actual earmoulds. Which several of us pitched in for. So, Steve will be getting his hearing aides in the near future. Rose told me Steve will be hearing better than he ever has before. What a remarkable gift!!

Being part of this experience has made me realize just how amazing people are. I am honored to be involved in such an amazing event. So, that is where much of my time has been spent. Gathering donations, answering emails and phone calls. It's fantastical!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


On 3-23-96 I was given the greatest gift. I became the wife of my best friend, soulmate and lover. He is the kindest, patient, goofy, dorkipotamus, handsome lovable man I know. I love him more that I ever thought a heart was campable of loving. He completes me....
Even after 15yrs of being married. He is still the hand I reach for, the man I will grow old with, the man who knows all my secrets, supports my dreams, give me a push when I need it, and pulls me in his wonderful arms and wraps me in a hug. He completes me. Fifteen years of wedded bliss...can't wait to share another 128 with this fabulous man!! I love you Ken!!! =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


You are looking at the gynormous, unsafe, non efficient unit that has heated this home for a few decades. We have only owned this house for 5yrs. On Sunday, February 20th she died. Ken & I were watching a lil tv before he had to go to work that night. I started sweating, asked Ken what the dealio was. Our house was 77 degrees!! He told me he was cold so he turned the thermostat up a couple degrees. Silly boy! If he'd wear some actual clothes in the winter....he was just in gym shorts. He does not parade around the house in the buff. Anyways, he turned the heat down on the thermostat...heat kept pumping through the vents. He went in the basement to shut the actual furnace off and restart it.

When he came upstairs he had that "this is not good" type look on his face. He said that he shut it off and when he turned it back on, flames shot up the side. YIKES!! We called the furnace fixer men. Yup, on a Sunday night. The fella came and confirmed it, our furnace croaked. Totally non fixable. He said that someone can come Monday morning to give us an estimate on a new one. Ok....So, we're gonna have a slumber party for a night and then get a new furnace. No biggie. Ken called his dispatcher and told her he would not be able to go to work until this problem at home was fixed.

We quickly shut the curtains and hung blankets on the windows that we do not have window treatments on to keep the heat in. We turned on electric heaters and blocked off the staircase going upstairs with another blanket. We were going to camp out in the living room for the night.

I put on my pink footie pajamas with polar bears and blew up the queen sized air mattress. We put an electric heating blanket on the top of the mattress and then our sheets and blankets.

Got up on Monday morning and the fella came her to check it out and get the info needed to make an estimate. The day dragged on, no word of an estimate...we thought he forgot about us. Ken called and a short time later we had two estimates. So, Monday night we slept in the living room. Again.

It really wasn't bad at all and we had fun. Reminded me of when we would camp in a tent. On Tuesday we thought, ohh awesome, we will give them their $ and work will begin on the new furnace. Nope, we had to wait until Wednesday. Ok, so night three on the living room floor.

Wednesday morning the banging began promptly at 8am. The guys took a break around 10am. Oh, and one of the fella totally looked like an older Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers. I contemplated how I could get a picture of him to show yas. But the hubby thought it would be a bit too odd. LOL

At lunch time Ken & I decided to go get sub sandwiches and we offered to get one for the fella that was still working in our basement. Neither Ken nor I hadn't the slightest clue who this man was, but we were grateful that he was going to hook us up with some heat. When we got home with our sandwiches Ken asked if we were going to make the guy eat in the cold basement or in the semi warm dining room. I said around the dining room table with us of course! Ken was thinking the same thing. Folks, we had a stranger eat a meal with us and it was fun. We learned about where the guy went to college and his family. It really was pretty neatotastic!

After we cleaned up lunch we realized that an aspiration on my 2011 list was completed. We paid for a strangers meal & had them eat in our home with us. Pretty cool if you ask me. By 4pm the 93% efficient new furnace was in and we had heat. I felt like hugging the man!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crazy Birthday Hats

Beware: If I know you, know where you live, know where you work or know what vehicle you drive I am sooo going to make you a crazy birthday hat. No if, and's or but's about it. It's part of my 2011 aspirations actually... to make gifts. Well, I decided this year I am going to crochet sillified hats. I started with a monkey hat for my brother Bruce. His bday is in February. I gave it to him before we went on our annual family sleigh ride.

Then came Cody's 5th bday the beginning of March. Totally hooked him up with a dragon hat.

My lil brother JJ's bday is in March too. Made him an Escanaba Eskymo hat with the #58 (his football #) on the back. I'm working on a few more of these for other 'Mo' fans and bdays.

Then my brother Pat....He's got to be one of the biggest Green bay Packer fans I have ever known. He sooo needed a Packer helmet hat. Can you believe he wore this at our family fun day bowling this past weekend!

I still have a couple more March bday hats to deliver. I think it might be the most busy birthday month in my family. Hmmm, people get really antsy for summer in June I guess.
I only have one bday hat in April to make for my very immediate family. If I hear through the grapevine that YOU have a bday next month you better bet that somehow a personalized crazy bday hat will be delivered to you!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 31

Day 31...a picture of yourself.

This is me, standing on frozen Lake Superior. This is where I go to find myself, rejuvinate, relax, adventure, be close to my babies. Lake Superior is my lil piece of heaven on Earth. It is the home of my heart and where my dreams are dreampt.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 30

Twenty five years have passed since I lost my parents and I miss them more than ever.

I miss the times we had in the short 10yrs I had them, I miss their laugh, I miss my dad's lunch pail on the counter, I miss going to Red Owl with them, I miss crocheting with Mom, I miss trying to turn the channel when Dad was sleeping on the couch, I miss hearing their voice, I miss our family camping trips in the bus, I miss seeing them with their grand kids, I even miss them saying "Katherine Marie", I miss the memories we never made, I miss that they never saw me grow up, graduate, get married, I miss that they were not there when we lost our babies, when we had numerous adoptions go bad, I miss that they never met Ken, I miss watching Andy Griffith, Beverly Hillbillies and Gunsmoke with Dad, I miss listening to my Puff the magic Dragon 8-track before school with my mom, I miss going to church and taking up a whole pew with the whole Pepin family, I miss being the toast maker for our big breakfasts, I miss hearing mom holler "Kathy" from the porch like all the moms did to call their kids home, I miss the smell of moms Charlie perfume, I even miss seeing Dad's Pall Mall cigarettes. I miss when all the memories I have of them were very vivid and I didn't have to look at pictures or video to refresh my memory. I miss my Mom & Dad

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 29

This picture always makes me smile. This is Ken's old truck parked at Woodbury Collision (which is now Bobaloon's). It's the same truck I mentioned before about having bullet holes, the air horn, it is the truck Ken was driving with my friend Scott on the day that I met Kenif. It's a 1974 Chevrolet stepside. Only two wheel drive but the glass packs and air horn made that ok. Plus, the hunky owner totally made this truck the best!!
We spent many hours and numerous gallons of gas cruising main in this stellar mobile. I always sat in the middle of the seat next to my hunny. Ken had plans of refinishing it, even had it all in primer. Then we moved to Green Bay and he sold it to my cousin who then sold it.
What I wouldn't do to have it back. That truck brings back some pretty fantastical memories.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 28

Something I am afraid of....you mean like tall narrow bridges, octopus's', cancer, dying, wood ticks? I chose time, which in this case is equivalent to death. I am afraid I won't have enough time to do everything I want to do in life. There is so much life has to offer, things to experience, goals to achieve, people to love, ice cream to eat, memories to make. I'm an avid liver of life and try to fill it up with meaningful things with the ones I love, chasing my dreams, trying new things, laughing.
I think in the back of my mind I always think of how young my parents were when they passed away. Both in their mid 50's. They had so much more life to live and grand babies and great grand babies to love. But, they ran out of time...
I want to make the best of the time I have here, chase every dream, take every opportunity, and spend oodles of quality time with my loved ones...before I run out of time.
Life is far too short. Whether you live to 35, 55, 155.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 27

This is my little sister Maddy. She was almost ours once upon a time. I am so happy that she stayed in the family and I get to have her as my lil sis. She's super smart and a total nutball. She fills my heart with happiness, love and lotsa giggles.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 26

Supporting cancer research means a lot to me. I watched my dad die a slow, agonizing death from it. I have lost family and friends, my friends have lost loved ones too. The more support and awareness of all kinds of cancer, the closer we will be to finding a cure.
I urge you to do whatever you can to help the cause. You can become a chemo angel, donate your time or even a few bucks, participate in a relay For Life near you. I'm telling you, after you participate in the relay you will be filled with hope and determination to do whatever you possibly can to kick cancers ass!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 25

Today I went to my sister's house because my niece Joy and her forever mommy were going to stop by to visit. I haven't seen Joy since December and I have to admit, my heart was sad and really missing her. I didn't know how my heart would ...feel because I go through so many emotions when I see her, hear her name, see pictures. I wish the feeling of feeling like a failure would go away. I often wonder if she remembers that we let her go and if she will think we don't love her because of our decision. She fills my heart with happiness and I know we made the right choice. My day is complete after seeing her and getting hugs and kisses from her.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 24

Something I wish I could change??? Hmmmm....I wish I could change the way people treat others and have the ability to change the world into a place of peace and love. I believe one person can help make that change but I also have to be realistic and realize I myself can only change my ways and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Ultimately though, it's up to the others to want to change. So, what I want to change is.....the oil in our vehicles. Last summer I learned how to change a tire. This summer I am going to sweet talk the hubby into teaching me how to change the oil in on eof our vehicles. Not the semi. Usually we take our trucks to the oil changing places. For once I want to be the oil changing place. I'll curl my eye lashes, apply my mascara and eyeliner, put on some bib overalls, wear a polka dotted hat, hang a blue rag out of my pocket and wear goggles and maybe a face mask too. It'll be great! I better start sweet talking the hubby right now....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 23

There is no such thing as a favorite book for me. If you are at my house and ask me that question you will be shown my favorite books on the bookshelf in the living room, then I will show you my favorite books in the den. I'll take you by the hand and show you my cookbooks showcasing some delish recipes. Then, I will take you to the upper landing upstairs and show you those books. Then, we will go into my craft room/office where you will be shown 3 large file cabinets beaming with spectacular pattern books. We're talking knitting, crocheting, tatting, weaving, woodworking, sewing, quilting, miniature dollhouse patterns, cross stitch books...you name it. Just open the files, they are all in alphabetical order. It's like a alphabetized library of craftiness going on in those files. It's rather spiffy, if your a crafty geekoid like myself Then, if you manage to get out of that room and still have an inkling for books, like my geeky self, I'll take you into our bedroom to the three large bookcases that are lined with thrillers, biographies, fair tales, romance, true stories. Books that will scare you, make you cry, chase your dreams, inspire and piss you off.

One of the books I will always grab is "Into The Wild" I think anybody would like this book. It's an easy read. It taps into your adventurous spirit, makes you believe in your abilities, to dream, survive, it scares you, makes you laugh and cry. Oh, just believe me, it's a great book. it was also made into a movie. Must read/see. Oh, and for my Yooper friends, the main characters Mom is from the UP!! p.s. It's also a true story.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 22

I wish I was better at knitting. These are some of Nana's knitting needles and accessories. She had extreme patience and humor teaching me the basic knit and pearl before she passed away. Getting my left hand to cooperate is almost impossible. I am determined it is there for decoration or to help me talk with my hands. Now it's up to me to put these needles to use and make something spifftacular, and by spifftacular I don't mean a dishcloth. We're talking socks, mittens, sweaters...for the whole family! Yup

Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 21

What would I like to forget? I had a hard time thinking of this one. Sure, there are several events and images the are forever etched in my mind that I'm sure most would like to forget. I chalk it up to a learning experience. That does not mean I wish for these things to happen, because I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. To watch your dad slowly die as the cancer invades his body is an image no person deserves to see. But I learned how to be more compassionate and fight for others who have it. To be locked in an old mans garage for a few hours and have things happen to you and a few girl friends...no kids needs that either. But, it taught me to appreciate my body. It is mine, and nobody has the right to do anything to it without my permission. Telling my Mom I hated her and wished she was dead was horrible. I was mad because I wanted another Cabbage Patch Kid. Mom died unexpectedly the next morning. That harsh event taught me to never take your Mom for granted, to not be a selfish little brat and to always make sure your last words are "I love you" to my loved ones.
But....there is something I would like to forget and I am working on it. On 6-28-10 was one of the best days of my life. We were granted custody of my niece Joy and given the chance to adopt her when the time came. Dream come true seeing we can't have babies of our own and I love her, she is my niece. I can't even tell you how "complete" I felt holding her, feeding her. In the two days that we had legal guardianship of her I was beyond sick. My meniere's was the most wicked it had ever been. I laid on the bathroom floor begging Ken to take me to the ER. We knew that my health crap would get in the way of keeping her. How was I going to be able to take care of her every day when I have days I struggle to take care of myself? We made the call and the search for a new family began on 6-30-10. I was devastated, a complete failure in every aspect. I was pissed, hurt, sad and hopeful. Hopeful that Joy would find a perfect new home, pissed at myself and meniere's, hurt that our dreams were vanishing. Her new family is beyond amazing. The hurt and feeling like I failed surfaces now and then. We know we made the right choice to let her go...yet, I don't understand why I still cry when I see pictures of her, why I miss her, why I wonder, why I haven't washed the blanket I'd snuggle her in because it smells like her. What I wish I could forget is the pain of realizing we couldn't do it, the pain of handing her over to her new mom and saying goodbye, the pain in Ken's face and heart to let her go, the feeling of my arms being "empty", the feeling of failing myself, my husband, my friends and my family, the pain of knowing we will never try to adopt again. Most days I do not have these feelings. Most days I am happy with our decision and know I am blessed because I am still Joy's auntie and she is with an amazing family. It's the days that all those emotions fester that I'd like to forget.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 20

I'd love to travel to Alaska. Not by plane or boat. You miss way too many things taking the fast way. Instead, I would take a road trip. Pack up the camper and the pups and the hunky hubby and just go. I have always appreciated road trips over any other mode of transportation. You meet the locals, experience different cultures and see so many sights you would never see had you traveled any other way. I want to hike it's majestic mountains, fish it's waters, camp in the wilderness, sit under the open sky, watch their aurora borealeus, see whales and seals and play in its snow.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 19

A picture and a letter is today's picture challenge. I don't have to explain anything here. Just read the poem, and promise me you will make the most of your dash.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 18

A picture of your biggest insecurity...I'd be lying to say I am 100% secure with everything about myself. I'd say I'm about 99.999% with who and what I am. But that small 1% is two big things for me. So big, I almost opted to skip day 18 all together. But what kind of person would I be if I only showed the happy go lucky, goofy, sappy side of myself that is secure in life?

So, here ya have it, my two biggest insecurities about myself and my chin, or lack there of and I have a huge issue with wearing my hair up when I am wearing my hearing aides, unless I am with Ken. Then I could care less. It was such a big insecurity for me that we kept it a secret from most family and friends for four years before anything was said. I got sick of hiding it.

I can be very anal about picture angles and hate pictures being taken of myself, especially from the side. I feel like I have 5 chins that all blend into one another and into my neck and that my face is super flat.

Then a couple weeks ago Ken and I were all set to go to the movie theater to see Sanctum and I forgot I had my hair up. I insisted I had to redo my hair before we left. Ken, bless his heart said "Kat, your hair is great up, you're not the only one to have hearing problems ya know, wear em loud and proud" That loud and proud part was his way of making me laugh. I will tell you this, I had my hair partially up and the rest down. So I guess if people really looked into my head they would have noticed. But guess what? If they did, nobody said anything and we had a great time. =)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 17

This is a picture of the officers of the EDC (Escanaba Deaf Club) and it is what has made a huge difference in my life.
I never realized how many unresolved emotions I had about my hearing loss crappolla until I joined this group. No, they did not tap into my emotions or counsel me or anything like that.
What happened when we began going to the meetings and then joining the club opened my eyes and reminded me I will be just fine if/when mm takes my hearing. They accepted me for me. I didn't feel like I had to hide my problem or explain anything because they understand. They have also unknowingly helped Ken. How's that? Ever since we joined Ken has more patience with me when talking to me. He makes a conscious effort now to better communicate with me and he has even learned some new signs. Plus, these folks are ooberously cool and fun to be around. They have truly changed both mine and Ken's life for the better.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 16

Two of the people that have and do inspire me are Ken and his Nana.

I don't think Ken even knows how much he inspires me. He is the kindest, most gentle, patient man I know. he is not afraid to follow his dreams and make them come true. He is also very forgiving. He loves his family so much and will do anything for them. He inspires me to be a better sister, daughter, auntie, cousin, niece and sister in law.

A part of me died when Nana did. She is still with me in my heart but I miss her soo much. She said it like it was, she strived to be the best person she could be, she was frivolous, loving and funny. One of the biggest ways she inspired me was through yarn. Yup, yarn. My mom taught me how to crochet when I was 5. I did little odds and end projects and as the years went by and I missed my Mom more, I put the hook away. Then Ken & I married in 96 and we went to meet his grandparents in Massachusetts. I took along two skeins of yarn and my crochet hook. During our stay I would sit on the chair crocheting, Nana sat down by me, told me I was holding my hook wrong, I should be using different colors (remember Nana said whatever was on her mind) She also showed me two new stitches. She inspired me to try new stitches, which lead to more involved projects. You see, without Nana knowing it, she gave me part of my Mom back that I missed sooo much and inspired me even further. It is from my mom and Nana that my love of yarn and crocheting came from.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 15

I cannot find a picture for day 15 which is something you want to do before you die so I made one myself.

I have many goals, aspirations and dreams but I don't say "I need to do such and such before I die." I seize the moment and live life every day. If an opportunity arrises, I take it. I hope when I die people say I lived, loved, helped, laughed, dreamt, never gave up, inspired and that I made a difference. What kind of difference? Well I don't know for certain. But I can tell you this, I am too occupied with living and conquering what I can while I am here to worry about what I want to do before I die.

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it's called the Present" ~Bill Keane

Enjoy your "present" Don't live your life thinking what you want to do, DO IT!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 14

I cannot imagine my life without these three amazing men. Without the two men on either side of me, I would not have the man on the far left. You see, the men on either side of me are Hank & Doug. They are brothers and they are two of the three men who pulled me from the car when I was 5 days old. If they had not been the first on the scene who knows if I would even be here or that the breath that the police officer gave me would have even worked. They rushed into a smashed up car that smelled of gasoline and used their bodies to get me unwedged from under the passenger seat and then gave me to the officer who administered cpr. I can never thank them enough for the opportunity at life that they gave me.

We all know how much I love and admire my husband, Ken. I can't imagine a Kathy without a Ken. He is the part of me that was missing, before I ever knew something was missing.

These three men amaze me, inspire me and make me want to be the best me I can possibly be.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 13

Day 13 is a picture of your favorite band or artist. You cannot even expect my music loving self to narrow it down to one favorite. If I am not listening to music I am singing, if I am not singing I am humming, if I am not humming, I am tapping something. I listen to every genre of music imaginable. Some days I need some ACDC, others I need some Michael Buble, Korn, Seger, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, Keith Urban, Green Day, Pink, Motzart, Beethoven, The Beatles. You see, it varies on any given day.
Here's the thing, we all know I have mm and it will eventually make me deaf. I come from what I would consider a musical family. The majority of us sing or can play instruments. I grew up with music playing on the piano, guitar, harmonica, radio or being sung all the time. I fill each and every day with tunes and cannot imagine the day it goes silent.
I listen even when I have no clue what is being said. You can feel it in your bones. The lyrics can be read and put to the music you have within you. Music reaches all of your senses, it takes you places you have never been and takes you back to past memories. It doesn't matter if you hear the music with your heart or your ears or your eyes. We all have music in us.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 12

Something I love...ok, just one thing? This picture sums up several of my loves. Lake Superior, sunsets, family, friends and being at our babies memorial.

This past summer for my 35th birthday we went on a week long camping adventure on the east coast of Upper MI. What can I say? I LOVE Lake Superior. Our andventure took us to several places on the shores of my Superior and we finaled in Munising, MI for the last few days. While there we went to our favorite place on the rocky cliffs of Superior to watch the sun set and the moon rise. Our babies memorial carving was not far from where friends, family, my hunny and I watched mother natures show.

Front Row: lil Cody, Zack, Shelli, myself, Hunter, Ellie
Back Row: Dave, Derek, Bruce, Ken, Lindsey, Jay & Jen