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I'm a bit silly & I like to make people laugh. People tell me I'm rather loud but I am usually quiet until I get to know you. I love life, I live life to the fullest & treat others as I would like to be treated.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I see a wish

This is where I am at in life. 
Some see a weed,
Some see a wish.
  A dandelion makes it's way through the most difficult places.  It doesn't always have room to grow, but it does. So, in life, I choose to be a dandelion.  Rather, I should say, I am trying my darndest.
I am learning to slow down, to allow the changes and to be patient.
It's not always easy.  In fact, it's hard as hell. 
But, I will get through this particular season in life.
Nothing is impossible.


Melanie said...

Don't forget that dandelions are also incredibly valuable to our health! ;)

Lovely to see a post from you, I do miss you!

yogesh said...

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